iPhone tips and tricks

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I admit that I’m dependent on my phone in both my personal and professional life, which is why I love to learn clever hacks to get the most out of it. I’ve listed five tips below.

1. Need more storage? Having enough space is a constant struggle, especially if your phone has only 16 GB. An easy way to get more storage is to delete your old text messages. Do you really need your conversations from 2012? Here’s how to do it:
Settings — Messages — Keep Messages /// Keep for 30 days, 1 year or forever.

2. Need to charge your phone but don’t have enough time? Put it in airplane mode and your phone will juice up faster.

3. If you’d like to hide pictures from your Moments folder while keeping them in your Album folder, you can. That way, if people want to browse through the photos on your phone, they won’t see anything embarrassing. Go to the Moments folder and select Photo. Hit the Upload button at the bottom left corner and select Hide.

4. Lock your camera’s focal point. The iPhone camera lets you double tap to set the point of focus. But this could get annoying if your subject moves, etc. Now, you can hold down the screen for a second or two until an “AF Locked” box shows up.

5. Select a bunch of photos in one swipe – rather than tapping on each individual picture. This is for those times your friends prank you by stealing your phone and taking a bunch of selfies. Go to Album, hit Select, and then slide your fingers to choose a whole range of photos.