This episode is different since I’m not reviewing a product. Instead, it’s a how-to on throwing an epic clam bake at your cottage. My friend Bri Trypuc from Bri’s Kitchen (link below) and I prepared a clam bake at Papineau Lake this summer and thought to share our experience.

We got the inspiration from ChefSteps on creating a rustic beach feast. Thank you to them because we wouldn’t know how to do any of this. Check out their video, it’s awesome.

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Steps to preparing the ClamBake:

1) Wash and prepare the ingredients
– Clams
– Lobster
– Potatoes
– Onions
– Chorizo
– Corn
– Small tomatoes
– Lemons
– Butter
– Seasoning
– Beer (Optional)

2) Gather Tree Fronds
3) Dig A Pit
4) Gather Large and Small Rocks
5) Line the Bottom with large rocks
6) Building a Large Fire
7) Rake the coals flat
8) Cover with Tree Frond (2-3 layers)
9) Wet Burlap
10) Add ingredients according to proper cook time
11) Add your favourite seasoning
12) Add tree frond
13) Add Burlap
14) Pour some beer (optional)
15) Cook for at least an hour

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