Narrative Clip:

Narrative Clip is a wearable camera. In this video, I did an unboxing and discovered that this little device looks like a pedometer but it clips on and has a camera lens. It’s a light, tiny, yet discreet camera, perfect for spy work? Lifelog or lifelogging is slowly becoming a trend with wearable cameras. Instead of being distracted by getting out your phone and spending time documenting a memory, the Narrative Clip does it for you.

The first generation offered 5 MP while the Narrative Clip 2 offers 8 MP. The new features include 10 second video and you can double tap to snap a photo. Overall, the narrative clip continuously takes photos based on your settings, which can be every 30s, 45s, or 60s up to 6000 photos. It’s interesting to go back and relive your day’s path. Maybe there is something you didn’t notice.

Do you think livelogging is going to be a massive trend in the next year or so? COMMENT BELOW. Love to hear your thoughts.

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