iPhone 6 Hitcase Pro — http://goo.gl/sePjuZ
iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Hitcase Black Snap Case — http://goo.gl/TZseyo

I’ve heard good things about these two iPhone 6 cases from Hitcase Pro and Snap. Here’s my verdict:
Hitcase Pro, Love the lens option, but watch this video to see my experience.
Hitcase Snap, I like it but don’t love it.


– It’s waterproof*
– Wide-eye lens
– Cushion for the back of the iPhone

– It didn’t seal properly, partly because I have a protective layer on my iPhone screen.
– Scratched on the screen protector. Which makes me assume it’ll get worse over time.
– Expensive

* For the sample I tested, I couldn’t close the case properly. For this reason, I can’t guarantee that it’s waterproof. I did have protective cover on my screen but not convinced that this is the reason why the case couldn’t close.


– Nice design
– Wide eye lenses
– Sturdy selfie stick

– wide-eye lens covers the flash. Photos have to be taken with natural light.
– Wide eye lens is on the back of the camera, not on front facing camera. So, if you use a selfie stick, you won’t have the benefits of wide-angle frame.
– Pricey

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