Prepara Herb Savor:


I’m a big fan of herbs, especially basil. I grew up in a Persian household and herbs were always served with dinner. Wrapping feta cheese and fresh mint, dill, parsley or basil in warm Persian bread is especially delicious. I could live off that meal and never get tired of it.

My mom frequently gets large batches of fresh herbs from her Iranian grocer. She washes them thoroughly, dries them, and places them in Ziploc bags with a paper towel to absorb any moisture. My mother has green-thumb magic, so the herbs stay fresh for at least a month. When I lived in Vancouver, she shared her stash with me, but now that I’m in Toronto, I have to buy them at a regular grocery store, which of course, charges more for a smaller amount. I could never figure out how to make these precious herbs last. Once in a while, I’ll stumble across a farmer’s market and see beautiful looking herbs but I know I won’t be able to use them immediately, so I have to pass.

I turned to Pinterest for a solution, and discovered the Prepara Herb Savor. I was lucky enough to have Best Buy send me a sample of this kitchen gadget, and here is my review.


The packaging is clean and simple. Once you open the box, the gadget is nicely encased in a plastic mold. It’s not too fussy and you can easily repackage it. This makes it easy to return the product, which unfortunately, I’m obligated to do after I finish testing it for this review.

There’s no assembly required because the Prepara is already put together. The base is attached to the shaft. A stopper is at the side of the base, so you can add water when needed. This makes maintenance very easy. Inside, there is a silver tray that acts as a colander. You can tell the designers are all about form, functionality and modernity. And unlike so many other gadgets, it doesn’t look tacky in your refrigerator. Even Oprah considers it one of her favourite things (watch this video to see Oprah sing its praises).She’s got fancy taste!

For the purpose of this review, I decided to compare the Prepara with a similar DIY method I found on Pinterest. I took a regular glass, filled it with about a quarter cup of water, put in some basil, and covered it with a large Ziploc bag. I placed it in the refrigerator next to the Prepara, only to play fair. However, some say it works better at room temperature. Before I placed the basil in the cup, I made sure to wash and dry it.


After eight days, the Prepara was the winner. The DIY version didn’t survive the week. The basil looked old and shriveled up. Granted, it lasted for four or five days, so if that works for you, then go ahead. With the Prepara, I have to note that there were a few basil leaves that turned black. Because my refrigerator door shelf is pretty wide (it can store a six-pack of beer), the Prepara sometimes fell over when I opened it too fast, and that could have been the reason. There was also some water spillage. For the most part, however, the basil was vibrantly green.

So, that’s after eight days. Great! But the box says up to three weeks. The hard part for me was not eating my basil.

At two and a half weeks, there were more black leaves, probably around 40% of the batch. But I’m not complaining. The Prepara works for someone as lazy as me. Seriously, placing a Ziploc bag over a glass made my fridge look ugly. I love the Prepara because of its clean design, small size, and ability to keep my herbs fresher longer. This kitchen gadget can pack a decent amount of herbs, perfect for any single person. Since I like a lot of herbs, this can come across as being too compact.

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