Kobo HD Glo eReader: http://goo.gl/9yo6Tw

Are you in the market for an eReader? I am. This week, I review the Kobo HD Glo ereader.

I did the unfortunate thing of spilled water on my iPad. Sad. It sucks because all my ebooks are downloaded on my Kindle app. Annoying when you are in middle of a really good ebook (“Rising Strong” by Brene Brown). That being said, it made me wonder if I should invest in another tablet or just get an eReader. But for the sake of reading books, I think an eReader have certain perks:
– You can read your book outside under the hot sun while getting a tan. iPads can overheat if left in the hot weather for too long. Not only that, the glare from the sun is not good on the eyes. No Bueno!
– It’ll help you sleep better at night than reading from an iPad. For those of you who like to read before bed, an eReader is a better choice for a good night sleep. Because of the light that is emitted from your laptop or iPad reduces your body’s melatonin level which is the hormone that affects your sleep.
The good thing is that you can turn off back light which will reduce the glare.
– Too many notifications. It’s distracting to get a notification via email, Facebook. Yes, I could have turned it off but I didn’t do that. My bad. In addition, I would easily get distracted by surfing the web.

Back to the Kobo Glo HD. Watch my kobo eReader review.

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